Membership Levels

Starting with the fiscal year 2019, Synergy will have 2 levels of network memberships available: Networking and Marketing

All Members

  • Will complete the Synergy Membership Form
  • Will receive early-registration attendance opportunities for sponsored workshops/events by external professionals, organized by Synergy

Networking Member

  • Cost: $0 annually (for 2019)
  • Expectations:
    • Invite all Trainers: Networking members are not required to sign and embody the Mission and 'Guiding Principles: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct' of Synergy - we would like to invite those who are interested in learning more about the force-free side of training to join us for networking opportunities, workshops, etc. in hopes that we can include you as a Marketing Member with signed Mission and 'Guiding Principles: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct' in the future
    • Participate: Will be invited to, but not required to, participate in meetings (1 a quarter) - in person, via live online meeting or to review a recorded meeting
    • Benefits: Being a Networking Member provides
      • the ability to network via social events with other pet professionals in our area
      • access to continuing educational opportunities, invitations available if room exists after Marketing Members have signed up
      • access to our closed Synergy Facebook group, as observers only, for continued educational opportunities
      • professional support in a group of individuals striving to better themselves and the lives of pets throughout the Carolina's and beyond

Marketing Member

  • Cost: $75 annually (as of 2019, due 2/28/2019 for existing and new members, future members submit payment upon acceptance)
  • Expectations:
    • Networking Member expectations, plus...
    • Sign: Sign and embody the Mission, Guiding Principles: Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Bylaws and Volunteer Policies and Procedures of Synergy
    • Participate: You are invited to participate in all events, we would encourage you to attend at least one
      • We will hold 4 meetings a year - each one designed to grow and enhance our knowledge, skills and abilities as animal professionals
        • For 2 of these meetings an educational speaker will be brought in
        • For 2 of these meetings we will focus on a topic (via webinar, activity, other)
    • Uphold Standards: Uphold the Synergy Animal Behavior Network standards daily in their training and professional representation
    • Consult: Abide by the LEIBI6 hierarchy - at step #4 we consult with internal or external network professionals for assistance, using a proper functional assessment process
    • Advance the Mission: Continue to help the organization advance our mission, open up the conversation, break down the walls and educate others on the humane, force-free options available for training
    • Advertise: Include the Synergy logo and membership level as appropriate, on the social media of your business (website, email signature, Facebook, etc.)
    • Benefits: Being a Marketing Member provides
      • the ability to advertise your business on the highly frequented Synergy website designed to help pet owners locate the professionals they need
      • access to early-bird opportunities to sign up for professional continuing educational opportunities
      • access to Synergy assets to borrow, use or print for event purposes
      • advertising as information will be rolled out to a wide variety of pet professionals in our larger area, including veterinarian organizations, pet stores, pet groomers, day care and more
      • the opportunity to remain connected to the latest scientific information and techniques

Board Member

  • Cost: $75 annually (as of 2019, due 2/28/2019 for existing and new members)
  • Expectations:
    • Marketing Member expectations, plus...
    • Physical Presence: A minimum of 1 board member physically present at each of the 4 major events per year
    • Management: The Board will determine who the social media administrators are for each applicable media type, and each administrator must be a board member