Calendar of Events

Our Calendar of Events includes formal nonprofit meetings, social events and educational opportunities in which the Synergy network will be represented.

Our Synergy network would love to participate in community events throughout the year to support the education and communication of our training methods.

Network Events:

The purpose of this network is to grow our knowledge, skills and abilities, and to gain techniques towards better supporting our mission. We will organize quarterly events geared towards member participation. For 2 quarters we will arrange for an educational speaker to join us. For 2 quarters we will arrange a specific topic-focused activity, live or online.

Public Events:

As of 2/1/2019, we are on hold for participating in any events, until we have obtained the appropriate insurance requirements or waivers to cover all of our lovely volunteers and Board members as we represent our network in public. Our priority is to provide a safe environment for all of our volunteers as we represent our mission, and interact with animals and the public.

When we are able to support safe participation in events, we will roll out an event request process. Since we have limited funding and volunteers, we will do out best to assess which events will have the largest communication and education opportunities in return for Synergy's investments of funding and volunteer time. Part of the assessment for participation will also be in where the funds raised for the event will end up benefiting. Our network will not approve investments for organizations who are not force-free in their goals and actions.

Our goal is to participate in up to 4 major events in the Charlotte region, 2 in Raleigh to begin with. An example of a major event would be Pet Palooza, organized by the Humane Society in Charlotte each year.

We also understand there are several smaller event participation opportunities throughout the year. These events might include a local pet fair which you are participating in as a profit company or volunteer, and would like to also communicate information about Synergy. Please let the Board know of these opportunities for assessment, and we will do our best to provide marketing support and equipment if possible.